Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Xmen Origins Wolverine: Comic Wolverine Blue & Brown

Okay, I said I'd do it, and here it comes.. a quick and dirty review of the two costumed Wolverine figures in the new line. I'm going to review them together, cause besides a couple small differences, they're essentially the same figure. As I get to them, I'll point out what those little differences are.

One thing I was surprised Hasbro did was give us two comic book costumed figures, right off the bat in the first wave. I don't know if this says something, maybe they don't know how many waves they'll be able to stretch the movie line into, but still I found it a little odd. You'd think they would want to try and spread him out a little(although, I guess that's kind of hard being a line of well, Wolverine figures).

Like I said above, these guys are almost the same figure, not as in the same figure made form the same mold, but more as the same type of figure, just with different paint. They also resemble the Weapon X body too, which is why I'll be referring to that figure a lot in this review.

Some of the small differences on these two are the little ball socket hip joints. The brown Wolverine has sculpted on balls, and the blue one has plain looking ones. In a way, the sculpted on ones have a better range of motion, I don't know why, but they just move a little better. They also have slightly different arms, while not that different, just a tad enough to make them so. Another small difference are the knees and the lower legs, the top of the boots flare out more on the brown Wolvie than the blue one. The torso is also slightly different on the blue one, the little black "slash marks" on him are actually sculpted on rather than just painted, but again, it looks like they used that same torso as a base. Lastly of course are the heads. The Brown has a mask that shoots outward a little more than the blue and has a snarl on the face where the blue one looks pretty normal, as if he's just standing in line at the local coffee shop(then again, at my local coffee shop, I think I'd probably have that snarl look).

Other than that, both figures have the same basic figure construction and articulation points. Getting into that, lets break them down articulation wise:

Articulation breakdown:

Neck-Ball joint
Shoulders- Ball hinged
Elbows- ball hinged
Mid-torso-some weird plug combo socket joint thingie...
Hips- Ball socket/hinged
Upper thighs-swivel
Knees- Double hinged knees
Ankles- Ball hinged

Now almost everything I can say about these two figures, I already said with my Weapon X review. They're almost identical in construction and articulation, so feel free to go back and read that again if you want to know about how well they move. The only thing I would add are the arms here while basically the same are a little different. I actually prefer the brown ones more, seems like you get a tad more motion out of them.

The main difference you'll notice though, at least I did, was the leg movement. It seemed to me that the brown had better leg movement overall. If you notice on the pictures here, you can see how the brown sits up better than the blue one. A small factor, but something that should be noted.

Like I said everything else is pretty much the same on these two guys. They both have a wide rang of motion and can be posed in some real cool poses if you wanted.

Deconstruction and custom potential is pretty much on par with Weapon X, only you got a guy in a costume, rather than in his tighty blackies. You can see how these guys are put together and even how they can be popped apart again by checking out Weapon X's review, there's even a nice picture of him taken apart and in little pieces. You can pretty much do the same with these two.

It'll be interesting to see the different customs that people come up with using Wolverine as a base. While I doubt we'll see his head used for anything other than Wolvie, I can see his main torso and arms and legs being used for many super hero customs.

I think out of the two figures, I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite, one over the other. There's parts I like on one figure more than the other and vice verse. If I could pick from both to make my favorite Wolvie, I think I'd go with the brown mask, but the blue face part, the blue upper body, but with the brown lower body. And better claws, I know they're trying to be kid friendly, but if you ask me, they look horrible.

Thanks again, and hope you enjoyed my little review. Stay tuned for a couple non-Wolverine figures from the movie and comic line in the next couple of days...

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